Today Crash and the boys, supported fellow local boys The Delays at Bitterne Park school. After fighting our way through the crowds we eventually caught up with the guys (Crash was still posing for photos).  The boys said “it was one of the best gigs we have done, the crowd were soooooo awesome that it made us pick our game up and feed off the enthusiasm infront of us.”

On a side note, Summers lovely lead singer Crash, has been asked to go on to Sky1 new TV show called “Hunks”  Crash was due to start filming after the gig but because it over ran he missed his train, so watch this space for more info.



7 thoughts on “Summers Support The Delays at Bitterne Park school

  1. RetroTakeover

    I had so much fun today! You were the best band there by far and luckily I was stood right at the front! Your Bon Jovi cover was AMAZING! I hope you’ve introduced some of the guys in my school to a better taste of music. I’m glad my friend gave Crash’s arm back in the end. I’ll definitely have to go see you again!

  2. Crash Summers

    Hey RetroTakeover,

    Thanks i am glad you liked our music, We had an amazing time, you guys were great. I hope we ROCKED BP and changed a few peoples music taste. My arm is fine, even tho your friend is very strong…lol… I am sure if you guys hassle your teachers enough they may invite us back for another gig…

    Keep on Rocking

  3. C.K

    thank you very much for playing at our school yesterday! it was the best (and for some of us-last) big picnic. my ears are still recovering from all the music-it’s all worth it though! you guys were brilliant and thank you for the autographs. sorry about my friends grabbing your jacket when you jumped down! they went a tad mental.

    again, thank you very much and well done for being so amazing 😛


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