Hey Guys & Girls,

Well its been a long week in the Summers camp, We  have been in the studio working hard to try and bring you guys some more tracks. This week song writer Mike Ward has been popping his head in and of the studio door, we’ve been lucky enough to catch hold of him and do some song writing. Hopefully, we will have some more tracks up very soon.

Elsewhere we Supported “High on Maiden” last night. We would like to say sorry to everyone who had to queue outside a little bit longer than usual but the “High on Maiden`s” drummer was caught in traffic for 4 hours so they were running late. Unfortunately this meant we did not get a sound check which was a bummer but we just went on and had fun as normal. “High on Maiden” rocked and they deserve their own tribute band…

Also at last weeks gig with Steve Conte we met a lovely guy who got up and played guitar with Steve and wowed all the crowd (and he got me a beer) well we found out later just who this guy was he was Raimundo Amador from spain… We did not realise how big this guy is, Click here to see a video of him.

Have a rocking week.




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