It’s time for a change. A blog from Hicks – Instantly recognisable by the lack of spelling mistakes. We’ve had two tremendous gigs recently. Supporting Hi-On Maiden at The Wedgewood Rooms and a brilliant Brook night, supporting HairForce5. To make things even better, we got free beer in both venues – result.

Jase and I have been re-working guitar parts in preparation for The Brass Monkey, Fareham on the 12/11/10, The Royal Oak on the 20/11/10 (both these venues are FREE ENTRY).


Ps, Crash is writing this now, so I am sorry for the bad grammar & Spelling. I am just letting you guys know that next Thursday (18th November) we will be live on Forest FM, You can listen live on-line at We will be on between 8 & 10pm (GMT). We will be playing our favourite Summers songs, as well as songs that have influenced us from our favourite artists, so it will be a wicked show.

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