Howdy Rockers,

You have Ricky doing the blog today! First off I hope all of our American friends had an extra awesome Halloween and the people that celebrated it in UK had fun too. I Carved a killer pumpkin!

We have had a few gigs the last week. The Boomerang gig was fun, as the venue had a sound bubble which cuts the sound off if its too loud.(I don’t think these people had heard us before hahaha.) We had to play acoustic songs until we got bored and then we tried to play some songs louder and it was so funny watching Popey tap the drums. On the Friday we Supported the awesome Hi On Maiden at the Wedgewood rooms and it was a kick ass night. The crowd were wicked and we really enjoyed the gig. Tonight we have a gig at The Brook Supporting Hairforce, So we are looking forward to that and hopefully were get to see many of you.

Crash and I have been doing some more song writing this week, Well I have, Crash has been doing his hair. We have some great new ideas so we will start to put them down in the next couple of weeks and may even upload a couple of early demo’s for you to listen too. We are also going to get our music played on Canadian radio station so you will be able to hear our music on there shortly and also our jingle we have recorded for the station.

Take care and if you see a Badger caring my bass approach with caution.


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