Hi Guys,

I hope everyone is well and hasn’t broken their New Year resolution just yet! Just to keep you updated on what Summers have been up too, First we had a wicked gig at The Brass Monkey on Saturday. We played with 2 wicked bands and it was a great night! Thanks to everyone who supported us. Second Jase and Andy went to watch Thin Lizzy, Andy did the norm and managed to blag free tickets…I would love to know how he does it. They both said it was wicked and both enjoyed it even more as Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard) was playing with Lizzy.

Also as promised here is PART1 & PART2 of the 4 part interview on Forest FM, Part 3 & 4 will follow soon. Listening to it back I do like the sound of my own voice so am sorry, I do waffle on quite a bit. My bad….lol

And for all our members we have added some new photos Live at the Railway.


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