Hi Everyone,

It was great to team up with Jurassic Mark again and gig for the first time at The Winchester in Bournemouth last night. It has been a very long time.

We experienced a few “technical issues” which couldn’t be avoided but can proudly say we played sh*t confidently despite the issues, had a laugh and made sure we put on the best show we possibly could. Jase and Rick were in competition to see how high they could throw and spin their guitars in the air ….while trying to play the right notes! Crash was busy trying not to fall off the stage and being deafened by Jase’s amp (as it was turned up to play a stadium as usual)! And, Popey decided to move closer to the front (he always said he was the money shot and should be repositioned…we thought he was joking!!). And poor Hicks was drowned out by Popeys drums resulting in some interesting moments for song que’s and brilliantly confused faces from some of the band members at times.

TONIGHT we are at The Brass Monkey in Fareham, so for those of you who missed us last night make sure you come along and show your support…We’ll try and keep Popey at the back!

NEXT SATURDAY we will be doing an acoustic set at The Loft in Eastleigh.

As always you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook so keep your eyes peeled for updates on Guildfest tickets and future SUMMERS gigs.

If you haven’t already seen we have a new video for ‘SOMETIMES’ on YouTube which is currently the 42nd most viewed video on the websites music channel. So click on the link below to check it out. For everyone watching it thank you so much for your support and ranking us so highly!!

LASTLY we would like to thank our friend Jim Hale for writing our new SUMMERS biography.  As he lives in the USA we had a Skype conversation to discuss and plan the new bio and are really pleased with it.


13 thoughts on “42nd most viewed YOUTUBE music channel in the world!!!

  1. Thursday Rock Show

    Sorry we missed you last Thursday night – but we did send down Laura and Dave the Window as our reps! Should be playing ‘Terminator’ on the Rockshow this week – 92.3 in East Dorset/New Forest area or stream live via http://www.forestfm.co.uk Thursday 20.00-22.00 UK GMT. Paul, Andy & Aash.

  2. Crash Summers

    Hey Paul,

    Thanks that will be awesome, I will tune in tonight! You didnt miss much, was prob our worst show ever, Not our fault tho, the sound man turned up 2 hours late, so no sound check and then he thought we all needed the drums through the monitors…so it was an interesting show. Fridays show more than made up for it tho. Hope your all well, Hope to see you soon.


  3. Cary

    Just got turned onto you guys by my 80’s loving 19 year old son, whom I turned onto the 80’s genre from the time he was born…. I’m a child of the 80’s, favorite band DEF LEPPARD. SOOOOOOO refreshing to see the sound back, with the new spin. KEEP IT UP… and come to Ohio, USA, SOON!!!! :)

  4. Crash Summers

    Hi Cary,

    Thanks for signing up to the website. We love the BIG CLASSIC ROCK sound and we have tried to put our own spin on it, so I am glad you and your son both like the music (Thank him for sending you our way too). Hopefully soon we can arrange a tour of the USA.


  5. Dallas Addison

    That was a great read Summers. I enjoyed it very much Its Never Too Late to love Summers. Dallas

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