Hi Guys,

We have been inundated with comments and messages from all you guys and they have made our week! It means a lot to us that we have fans like you behind us and couldn’t do this without you.

Because you have been saying and doing such great things for us its about time we repay the favour. This month we will be back in the studio to record a Limited Edition EP. We understand a lot of our fans are based overseas and can’t make our shows so we want you to have a piece of us wherever you are! The EP will consist of all new material which is not on our debut album. Writing sessions will start this Saturday meaning whoever works at Dominos Pizza will be hearing from us a lot. Maybe every hour (would we get a discount if we place more then 3 orders in 24 hours…I had to ask!!).

The SOMETIMES video on YouTube is steadily rising to 15,000 views meaning 300 more and we will upload an unplugged version of the track.

And finally…we would like to inform you that Popey has just about sobered up and recovered from last Saturday. We have tried to fill most of the gaps from the night so he can fully recall his antics and I can safely say he won’t be drinking for a while.

Have an awesome week!!



Ps, Thanks to Kerry & Helen who have put together an event on Facebook (and for the posters above) for Summers playing the Swan on 9th April. It will be both of their 30 birthdays that month and we are honoured they have decided to celebrate with Summers.

5 thoughts on “Limited Edition EP & Amazing Fans

  1. Mirka Elliott

    Woooow…. I envy those who have a chance to see and hear you … perhaps to see an … 😉 EP? … It is super! I hope to have a chance to have him home …
    Rock on the weekend send radio around here (I still have to determine what and how about that …) and I found a great club here in Prague … you could during his tour of Europe to stop there … I’ll send all the links on Saturday …
    good day guys …

  2. Crash Summers

    Hi Mirka,

    Thank you so much, We are going into the studio on Saturday for a long writing session, We have lots of ruff ideas but it will be putting them together and making them into songs, So it will be a long day…lol…

    Thanks for your help.

  3. miamired

    So pleased to tel you that you have indeed made ot over the pond. I am spreading the word in Miami, Fla. about your band in addition to my multiple contacts across the US. Let the journey begin!

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