Hi friends of Summers,

We are pleased to say that we have finally signed off the video to Sometimes. We hope you all enjoy it.


5 thoughts on “Sometimes by Summers music video

  1. Courtney

    This put the biggest grin on my face :) It was fantastic and VERY!! professional but I guess knowing you guys makes it even more fun. Sam, I hope Amy apologised and you didn’t break any delicate fingers punshing Crash. Crash, I hope your broken nose heals quickly. Jase, May I please have your dog tags and Rick – LOVED THE SUIT! but you have to appear more in the next video. Love Love Loved it! Will now plaster it all over my Facebook wall. I am so proud oxoxox Luv Court

  2. Courtney

    Brilliant then you can give them to me :) I will wear them to your first concert and stuff when you are like totally famous

  3. anthony

    Wow, you Guys are awesome!!! I love that you have taken the 80`s influence and made it your own. Keep up the good work Summers.

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