We would like to thank a particular SUMMERS fan (Marie Lune from Canada) for making and modelling a range of band t-shirts. When someone does something like this for us, it means a  hell of a lot, so we wanted to share this with everyone.

You seriously are the best fans & we owe you guys soooo much and hopefully one day we can meet you all!!!



6 thoughts on “THANK YOU to a Dedicated Fan

  1. mskerryanne

    Very nice Marie (thumbs up), I like the 3rd tshirt, which your modelling with the hat on, I want one (or two) but on a mans tshirt, lol xx xx

  2. Marielune88

    Wow thanks! Well i made the design on my computer and ordered them online,they are pretty hot and i’m happy they came out as i wanted! more is coming today…
    I think I’m putting them on Facebook as well haha! xx xx

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