Hey Guys,

The Sometimes video finally reached 15,000 views on YouTube!! As promised, we have uploaded an unplugged version of the song. Here is the link if you fancy checking it out (Sometimes acoustic).

We were back at The Loft in Eastleigh on Friday night and had yet another great turn out. Popey was present to prop the bar up and celebrate his 21st birthday. We tried our best to drag him out after the show but he refused point blank as the birthday ritual (created by Crash…shock) is a cheeky shot of absinth! However, it is proven that this usually starts and finishes the night. Popey was having none of this and sneaked out of the venue before we could catch him.

Friday saw Superhero get airplay on US radio station Digivegas. This and other features have sparked interest from across the pond and could see us performing over there sooner than we thought. We’ll keep everyone updated as things unfold…

It is round one for tickets for Guilfest. Quite a few of you have ordered yours already but for those who haven’t please let us know how many you’ll need either by contacting us on facebook, twitter or the website. We are playing on Saturday 16th July.

Have a wicked week everyone.


Ps, Popey would like to thank you all his birthday messages!!!

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