Hey Everyone!

In a recent interview, the band were asked the question “What makes SUMMERS different from the artists that inspire them & from the artists of today?”. This is something that got us all thinking

So, who better to answer this question than the people who listen to our music and come along to our shows…YOU GUYS!

We would love you to get in touch via the website, Facebook, Twitter or MySpace and tell us what you think sets us apart from the rest. Our top 5 favourite entries will appear on officialsummers.com and we’ll send the best writer a signed copy of our new EP as soon as it’s finished, as a little Thank You.

For those of you who came to The Brass Monkey on Friday, we hope your hearing has returned to normal! Anyone who has seen us Live knows we like to play loudly but on this occasion even we were shocked by the volume! Apparently we got complaints from neighbouring cities due to noise pollution. Great free marketing though…!

This week we are at The Soul Cellar in Southampton on Friday night, and maybe performing an acoustic set at The Loft in Eastleigh on Saturday night (They have asked us to do a set, but have not confirmed with us yet, so if it does not appear on the tour page, don’t go!!!). Keep an eye on the tour page for more details.

Can’t wait to hear from you all!




6 thoughts on “Tell us why you think SUMMERS are unique…

  1. Roxy

    There are hardly any bands nowadays where all 5 members can sing and do harmonies. You guys have the kick ass BIG vocal sound and I love it. Plus your very very easy on the eyes! R x

  2. Miss_Metalgirl

    It’s hard to say why you are better than the other new bands… Let’s say it’s because you have such an unique sound that remembers of the 80’s and 90’s golden rock ages and your style and everything is just so good, so special… It’s as if you already existed back in the 80’s and then somebody put you in a time machine and now the time capsule opened and let you out!! And now we can enjoy your stuff ^^

    btw, I’m so jelaous of ur weekend. lol but seriosly, wish I could say something that great about my weekend 😀

    xXXx K

  3. babyblue85

    What makes Summers unique you ask……

    Well, maybe it is the amazing relationship you all have, your on stage persona is awesome and you can clearly see the genuine bond and sparkle you all have. Watching you live is always a pleasure and each of your gigs always seems to be different, fun and full of energy. I have seen you several times and I am always left wanting more…..
    Maybe it is the brilliant twin-guitar riffs that you rock just like Thin Lizzy.
    Maybe it is the eclectic mix that you produce to create such a unique sound like no others.
    Or maybe it is just because you are all gorgeous and extremely good looking!!
    Who knows, but one thing is for sure, you are all extremely talented, amazing boys that desreve a chance.


    The day we first heard you play, we couldnt stop talking about you. It is still so unusual for a whole band to be able to sing,and play. And your voice Crash ( so similar to Joe Elliot) . And added bonus, you did Bon Jovi.
    The band just gells together, You are all songwriters, musicians,singers, and I class you all as friends. Brilliant a Class Act.

  5. Casunshine

    Summers is getting back to what made the 80’s so big. I can see influences from Bon Jovi, Def Leppard and your own special talents. Classic Rock is so amazing because you can hear a song written over 20yrs ago and when you hear it ….you feel the music like the feeling you get when you are in love..(thats what every song is like of yours I have heard so far)…Summers is unique in that y 1st off you are all so close (STYX now is like that). Every song is amazing you can do a song that gets everyone Rocking or a Beautiful Ballad. You have everything Music, Lyrics, Look, Personality and YOU ROCK!!!! Love everything and can’t wait for Album :-)

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