We’ve had eventful weekends before but this has to be the mother of them all. It kicked off Saturday night with a gig at The Royal Oak in Southampton in which we had a great turn out. As always, thanks to everyone who came to support us.

While packing down Popey decides to give Mikkey Dee a quick call as we are scheduled to go to see Motorhead the next day. Much to our surprise Mikkey is out to see a friend (Steve Lukather) performing at The Brook. The second surprise is that Mikkey wants to meet us for a beer (or several) afterwards and Steve Conte of the New York Dolls is with him. He even apologised for not being able to make our gig… naturally we accepted the apology. Obviously after hearing this news the boys and myself were absolutely buzzing so we packed down in record speed and met up with Mikkey in Oceana.

The night kicks off quickly when the boys arrive. The drinks are flowing but Oceana didn’t quite cut it for Mikkey as the music was very alternative to what he is used to listening to. So we stayed for a few drinks and then took our madness to another venue. However, the only place suitable for a bunch of lads is…. a strip club. Let’s just say everyone was happy from this point onwards but we didn’t get in till 6am. Mikkey managed to keep drinking until 7am and then wake up for interviews about 12noon. However for the Summers boys, beauty sleep was the only thing on our minds!!!

Sunday… backstage at Motorhead, a normal outing for Popey but a pretty cool night out for the rest of us. Lemmy approached us first and we talked about the band, our song Rock Machine which is dedicated to Phil Lynott who was a close friend, and his work with Dave Grohl. He was a really nice guy and had a lot of time for us. Then off to Mikkey’s dressing room where we pieced together last night’s antics and finished the rest of the beers in his fridge as he had no need for it. Afterwards we watched the entire show stood on stage with Steve Conte and the legends themselves. The crowd were absolutely electric and Motorhead were joined by a few guests on stage to perform some of their tracks. It was awesome to witness everything happening so close. Campbell’s guitar solo and Mikkey’s drum solo were absolutely world class!

We passed copies of the Summers album to the lads from Motorhead at the end of the night, which made them the first people to have a full preview. We are all looking forward to their feedback. There is still so much more to write but we’ll have to save the stories for another day.  All in all, a wicked weekend for all of us. Thanks to Motorhead for having us, and to Mikkey and Steve Conte for the beers.

Have a good week everyone!

Jase x

13 thoughts on “A Weekend with MOTORHEAD!

  1. Roxy

    I cant believe Motorhead have a copy of SUMMERS ALBUM,how unfair.lol Sounds like you had an amazing weekend. Rx

  2. nikki-.-

    There u go sam! i finally registred onto your site!:) your videos are amazing! u even managed to get amy in it! pretty coooooooooooooool =] xxx

  3. Crash Summers

    Thank you soooo much for coming and all your support. I will sit down and have a proper chat with you one day (when i am not packing Andys drums down) lol… I think we owe you a few drinks for all your support…


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