Hi Guys,

What a difference a day makes!!

Friday’s gig at The Brass Monkey was awesome!! We had a kick ass sound and a loud and rowdy crowd which created a wicked atmosphere and got us in the zone to put on a great show!

The success of the night was down to everyone who supported us. We can’t thank you guys enough and love it when you go crazy down the front and dance your asses off! Plus it was a nice change to have a ‘sock’ thrown at the stage. Popey has added this obscure item to his collection of women’s underwear.

I would especially like to thank the mysterious girl who spent the whole set stood in front of me licking her lips and making suggestive signs (You made my night).

We are pleased to announce we will be playing GUILFEST 2011 on Saturday 16th July. We can get discounted tickets at 10% off so if your looking to buy some so please message us on info@officialsummers.com or Facebook and we will be in contact. We only have a limited number so it will be on a first come first serve basis.

Again thanks for all your support with our new video “Sometimes“. When we reach 15,000 hits we will upload the acoustic version of the song for free download so please keep watching. You only need 700 more hits and the song is yours!!!

Below are some pictures of us playing The Joiners in December.


6 thoughts on “Summers confirmed for Guilfest 2011 lineup

  1. Marielune88

    Man,you guys need to come and do a show in Montreal!
    i would of seen you guys open for Bonjovi here on t feb 19th 😛
    now,how can i get an Album? so i can rock on your Music?!
    its an need in my mind! :)

  2. Urey

    Hi Guys,

    I already have my ticket, I cant wait to see you ROCK Guilfest. I have heard you are F**king awesome LIVE.

  3. tcandsnoopy

    The Swan rocks now “Summers” here! Just when we think you can’t get any better, you did! Keep feeding Jase whatever he was on tonight. You were all brilliant. Well done. C u all soon.

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