For those of you who didn’t tune in yesterday, our own Mr Rick Summers was featured Live on BBC Radio Solent to talk about an incident which happened on a flight we were all on when traveling from Orlando, FL to Boston, MA. Last week we finally had some time to relax from studio and Live work and we had the chance to meet a promoter &  have a break  in Florida so we jumped at the chance, however on the way back a passenger decided he wanted ‘out of the flight’ as we passed over New York so attempted to open the Emergency Exit. Luckily a few people on the flight managed to restrain the lunatic until Police arrested him once the flight landed at Boston Airport. Nothing is ever boring when it comes to us!!! Follow link to read more

On a lighter note…

We’d like to thank the guys involved with organising the Farnham Charity show we performed at on Sunday 1st May. It was for an amazing cause and event and we hope they raised enough money for the charity. As well as hosting an amazing event these guys know how to ROCK as they headlined the night!!

And to update you guys, we have a desk mix of ‘We Came Hear to Rock’ from our producer Clyde Ward which is to be featured on our New EP. We need to make a few changes then it’s off to Germany for mastering. The track is scheduled for sale in July but we’ll keep you all updated as always. It’ll also be appearing in our Live shows very soon.

Today we have our first show with THE ROCK GODZ at Farehams V Club and are buzzing about it. FOUR Rock Bands on ONE stage equals a decent night. If you havent got tickets for this event please contact us via the website or facebook page. Doors open at 730pm and tickets are £4 each. (you can get buy tickets on the door)

Have a great week everyone.




5 thoughts on “Ricky Summers on the Radio

  1. Nathan Smith

    Excellent perception to read and enjoy…… Rick is my favorite Bass player. I think he is a true Star…… :)

  2. Jemmy Hicks

    Wow…. such a nice band…… I’ve always listening Ricky Summers on the Radio….The guitarist, Singer, base, drum player all they are professional, thus I like their music. Thanks for sharing this rising star :)

  3. Johan

    That was a great program on the radio. I’ve been a long time fan of Ricky and that program also impressed me a lot. Thanks mate.

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