It’s been a hectic but rewarding week for the band. The Bitterne Park School show was a success for the second year running with a bigger stage and louder crowd. Then Guilfest on Saturday couldn’t have gone any better with SUMMERS appearing on TWO stages with the first appearance  The Live Club stage, and then a full blown power set in The Big Cheese Cave (Sponsored by Big Cheese Magazine).

For the second set we played to a packed out crowd and had them singing along to all our songs by the end of the set. Thanks to the chicks in the front row who flashed so much even Motley Crue would be proud. You made our day and also made Ricky forget to play a verse in Girls… It seriously was an awesome atmosphere.

We managed to catch up with our Guilfest 2011 competition winner Alex who came along and  joined us on both sets.


 From everyone in the band, thank you all for your support this weekend. You seriously made us play our hearts out and we KICKED ASS!!




Ps, All pics will be added this week!!!

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