Hey Everyone… Ricky here!!

I hope everyone has had an awesome weekend!!!! I have only just recovered from Jase`s birthday. And let this be a tip to you all, if Jase`s dad ever offers you a drink, make sure you decline politely. Lol!!!

We had a good night on Saturday as we played the Heroes Rock Festival in Liss. It was for a great cause and the organiser Adie did an awesome job so thanks for having us and hosting such a great event dude.

Jase, Crash and myself have been at it again and have some new song ideas floating around in our heads. We will do our best to try and get them recorded at some point this week so you guys can preview them very soon.

Now, I will blame Crash for this, because if he spent more time working and less time on his hair he might not have forgotten! A while ago we ran a competition to find out what you guys thought made SUMMERS different from the other bands of today and old. Crash forgot all about this until now, so we have asked the guys at the Junk Labelto choose not one but THREE winners! So on behalf of the band I would like to say congrats to Miss_Metalgirl, Marielune88 & Casunshine (We will be sending a CD off to you very guys soon)

Finally, it is a special persons birthday today. This dude means a lot to the band so we would like to say a MASSIVE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Robert Gwilliam (of The Junk Label) and hope he has an awesome day. And if it’s not too much trouble, make sure you save me a piece of birthday cake!

Have an awesome week guys and stay out of trouble !!!! (she is bad news Lol)


2 thoughts on “Hero’s Rock Festival

  1. Kristina

    Heey :)
    I just stopped by to check some pics and while I am at it…

    Thanks again for the CD! (I’m Miss_Metalgirl ^^) I LOVE it! 😀
    What I’d give to see the postman’s face when he pulled this outta his bag and had to leave it at our place xD

    Thank you so much :)
    Stay awesome!

  2. Crash Summers

    Hey Kristina,

    Glad you got it ok, Hopefully next time we will be able to give away more songs.


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