Hello my adoring fans, it’s Andy “the money shot” Pope here!!!

I haven’t done a blog for a long time so the boys have let me loose on this one. First of all, I fixed a friends shower this week on the promise I would get the first shower with her. However I haven’t heard anything so far…  maybe her phone is
broken or something.LOL

Today I’ve got to pop down to the studio as I heard the boy`s need my input. Seriously, they can`t cope without me. Lol!!!

Over the past few weeks the guys and I have been sorting out gigs up and down the country for the New Year, so if we come to see you, then we hope your come to see us.

And Finally, it has been a sad week as it was the anniversary of the death of my uncle who died at the battle of the “Little Big Horn”. The saddest thing was, he wasn’t even in the battle and was camping in the other field. However when he went over to complain about the noise some b**tard shot him.

 Till next time Rockers!

Andy – X

Ps, That was a joke at the end.

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