We did two interviews via Skype this week with www.radiorockcafe.com and ARFM(listen to it on the Tuesday 27th). A huge thanks to these guys and every other radio station who plays and promotes Summers. We probably don’t say it enough, but your support means a lot to us and means people out there get to listen to the music we love making. Also we found out that ‎“TOLD YOU SO” reached Number 38 on the Top 100 of radiorockcafe.com most requested music in the last year. Check out some of the HUGE names we were above.

As you all know we’re back in the studio after a hectic summer of shows. We have lots of new material on the way but just working hard on getting it finished now.

Right…as I am off on holiday tomorrow for a few days I would like to wish my good friends Crash and Ricky a very Happy Birthday. Some of you may see Ricky wondering the streets in the early hours of Sunday morning so I apologise in advance for anything he destroys. And I publicly apologise for not being around for Crash’s birthday…I doubt he will ever let me live this down .

Have a good week everyone!!



Ps, check out some of the reviews we have just got in:

1) I must admit I love the album and that it took me by surprise as to how good it actually is – Classic Rock AORPowerplay ( The actual review is due out in November but that was the email the reviewer sent us)

2) ” The UK rock outfit Summers gives you a sweet taste of first class songwriting and sound of commercial rock. They also bring you back in time with their hint of classic 80’s rockers. It almost feels like Robert John “Mutt” Lange  put hands on the production with his signature Def Leppard sound – a big compliment to Summers and their production team. They nailed the rock formula without Mutt ! “

Tomas “Dr.Octavo” Brabec

3) ” If you’re a fan of Def Leppard, then England’s Summers is definitely your cup of tea. Even if you’re not (what??), you’ll be hooked by their tight songwriting, harmonies and melody. “Too Late” is Summer’s debut single and shows that this is rock for all seasons! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!! ”

Ric Levine


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