Dudes and Dudettes!

We decided to take some downtime this weekend and all parted to cause trouble in different areas of the UK. Crash and Ricky trekked up to Watford with some friends of ours ‘The Buzz Junkies’ and proceeded to drink the bar dry and most likely terrorise anyone in close proximity. Standard stuff really. Popey popped out for a quiet drink and to watch a mates band… BUT if anyone has seen him can you let us know as I think he hit the whiskey around midnight and it usually goes downhill from there. And me …well I did the opposite and chilled the hell out this weekend. I’m having a break from the madness as started training again so trying to be a good boy (let’s see how long that lasts). Crash was NOT happy when I said no to a night out.

This month we’re looking forward to catching up with Motorhead and hopefully repeating the events of last year. We are currently pencilling in a photo-shoot around the middle of the month so we’ll have some brand new shots of us to show you guys. And as you can see, our good friend Bob Gwilliam has spent the majority of his weekend revamping and giving our website a cheeky little spring clean. It is looking great so thanks for your hard work on this Bobbins. We’ll add this to the list of outstanding I.O.U’s we have with you…haha. I think it’s more like a scroll now!!!

Anyway… I’ll be quiet now but have a good week everyone!!



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