In addition to the updates from last week, we have even more exciting news to tell you all.

Thanks to all of you that have been pushing us and supporting us from all areas of the Globe, your efforts, tweets, likes and comments have gained us interest from various festival organisers in the UK and Europe meaning we will have the opportunity to branch out a lot more during our tours next year. We have been up to our eyeballs in paperwork this week, relating to various deals and exciting new prospects. Whilst the paperwork is a necessary evil – we have been writing new material and working on a fresh new live show which you guys will get to see VERY soon.

Wait…… There’s more……

A guitar manufacturer (for legal reasons cannot be named) have kindly approached us in the form of a sponsorship deal meaning the lads all get to personally design their own hand-built guitars. As you can imagine, we are all very excited about it but there are some worrying ideas being thrown about (mentioning no names…Ricky).

NYC based radio show “The Big Mike Radio Program” will be interviewing us this week. As always, we’ll let you know when the interview will be broadcast so you can all tune in and listen to what we have to say.

SUMMERS have also been featured on the front cover of K*Chele magazine alongside 80’s icon Rick Springfield, and there are discussions taking place with them about possibly sharing the stage with Rick next year in the USA.

As you can see a lot is happening, and there is still more to come which we will mention in later blogs. However, this couldn’t have happened without your continued support. A huge thank you to every Summers fan out there. You simply are the best!!!!



P.s. Please bear with us while we fix a few technical issues we are having with our Online store. We will be up and running again soon!Summers are also pleased to announce that any fans based in the USA will be able to purchase Official Summers merchandise Online in the very near future…keep checking the website for details of the launch date!

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  1. PamUSA

    Great news guys! I’m really excited about the possibility of you hooking up with Rick on tour and coming to the USA!! I’ll be front row!! :)

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