I hope everyone has had a splendid weekend. Popey has collected his new Sonar drum kit, which I must say is pretty awesome. So now the lucky b*****d has 2 of Mikkey Dee’s personal drum kits. Pays to have good mates I guess. LOL.. Mikkey is a top dude and it’s always cool when he say’s to you, “we need to sort a night out lads”. Motorhead had a great show and we got trashed during and afterwards. We all suggested a Strip club to complete the night but Jase & Crash declined…HAHAHAHA

 We had a great 8 hour rehearsal yesterday. It was a long day but we cracked on and got a lot done. I’m still finding it hard to hear anything today as we only know how to play SUPER LOUD.

 We have some more great news, not only are we going to be in Classic Rock AOR issue 5, We are now going to have a one page “First Glance” feature in Classic Rock AOR issue 6.  Also Headbangers FM (Netherlands) will be interviewing us this Thursday but we will put the links up on facebook so you can tune in and listen.


Don’t forget to pick up your tickets for our December gigs. We’re kicking off at The Brook on Friday 2nd and then back at The Talking Heads for the Xmas special with our good friend Jurassic Mark Friday 9th. If you would like tickets please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Have a great week.


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