It’s nearly a year since we partied with Mikkey Dee of Motorhead (we’re not worthy… we’re not worthy… sorry) and Steve Conte from Michael Monroe but we’re pleased to say that it’s all about to happen again (minus Mr Conte). The iconic Motorhead are back in the UK.  These dudes seriously know how to rock a venue and Popey will be kicking off at the Bristol show as he is finally collecting his new signature Sonar drum kit (Like he needs two), as played by Mikkey Dee himself on the 2010 tour. The rest of SUMMERS will be catching up with Motorhead when they play at The Guildhall in Southampton next week.

Crash and myself are off to London on Wednesday to meet with the lawyers about some pending deals we currently have on the table. However my dear blonde friend has been more occupied in finding out the nearest bars and strip clubs for after the meeting to unwind from a hard days work. So basically… don’t expect any sense from either of us the following day.

Finally… We may be trekking to Manchester this weekend to meet with a potential stakeholder in the band. Obviously I can’t give too much away but as always we’ll keep you updated to the best of our abilities.

Anyway. Happy Monday everyone and enjoy your week!!


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