Hi All,
Hope you are all well and have had a good weekend? Last week was very eventful and this week is shaping up to be too..

Crash Summers in LondonLast week, Seppy and I made our way to London to meet a top music solicitor (Seppy moaned and branded me cheap because I booked the slow train,but I was saving my pennies for later on… p.s.Seppy you still owe me for the tube!!!) Anyway…The meeting went very well and we should have some more good news about that to follow in a later blog.

After the meeting we decided to go for a few drinks, which, of course, lead us to a strip club. What we were not told was it was a transsexual club…LOL… I would love to tell you Seppy had a dance and that’s how we found out, but when a chick has bigger hands than you alarm bells start to go off and you make a quick exit! Let’s just say we never stuck around for our drinks…Hahahaha.

For those who haven’t seen this yet, we had a cool little review on www.uberrock.co.uk The lads and I are completely overwhelmed with the amount of support ‘364’ is getting from the media, and also from all you guys out there, so THANK YOU all so much once again.

We are all going to be extremely busy in the coming weeks as we will be rehearsing very hard for show dates which start again in December. We’re all really excited about getting back on stage and are working around the clock to create a new show for you all.

I know it’s been mentioned briefly before but work has begun on material for our second album. I know we have not released ‘364’ yet, but I promise it won’t be too long. Due to contract offers etc, we have spent a lot of time going through paperwork and meetings with our solicitors to find the right deal for SUMMERS to ensure the release of our album goes as well as possible.

Finally…..Last week Popey went to a couple of Motorhead’s Gigs. Bristol was cancelled due to Lemmy not being up to it, so guess what, in true Popey style he went out with Mikkey and got absolutely wasted!!! However the London show was “awesome” and Popey partially sobered up for it. We’re all heading to the Southampton show tonight, and are really looking forward to seeing you there. Mines a Jack & Coke if you’re offering :)

Well I think that’s me done, have a great week.


6 thoughts on “Meetings, Strippers & Uberrock

  1. Lepsfan

    I have been a Def Leppard fan from the start and they have always been the bench mark for bands for me, and i can say hand on heart I have not heard a band come close to them ever. But you guys have really managed to capture the best of Leppard. You have the big vocals and huge sound and you have brought it all up to date. Keep doing what you are doing and you guys will become very successful.

    ps, Any news when your releasing the album yet?

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