Hello Boys & Girls,

Well here we are, working hard, all sat down at the pub with a few beers and a note pad (except hardcore Ricky who has a cup of tea…lol).

However I doubt we’ll do this again as Popey wanted to start the blog off with offering to make everyones hole weak… He didn’t specify male of female (or human) so may live to regret this statement! I think he is trying to pour beer in Ricky’s tea now. Hahaha. TIP: never leave drummers unsupervised.

Friday’s show with Tyketto at The Brook was a great success and they seriously are the nicest guys you will ever meet. We’re all very proud to be able to call them our mates. Also there maybe be more Summers/Tyketto shows in the pipeline so watch this space.

While on stage talking to the audience, Danny Vaughn could not have given us higher praise when he said “ Isn’t it great to hear a band that can actually SING! About F***ing TIME!!! And coming from a legend like him it means a lot to us.

Finally, we would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for your support on Friday. We were overwhelmed with the feedback we received and it was awesome to meet and chat to so many of you after the show.

This Friday, we’re at the Talking heads for The Dlugokecki Xmas shenanigans. One night, 5 Bands, and too many drinks to count.

Till next time!!


P.s. Thanks to James Charlwood for sending us the photos :)

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