Summers with Tyketto at The Brook

Howdy Folks,

Here are some photos from the gig at The Brook with Tyketto We would also like to say a huge thank you to the sell out crowd at The Talking Heads on Friday. You made sooo much noise we could not actually hear Popey…Result!!! lol.

Jase from Summers giving it some at The BrookSummers drummer Andy Pope at The BrookThis week we are doing a Spanish interview with La Estadea (we can’t speak Spanish but I think Ricky can say “Get your coat love you pulled & my house is your house”)…Anyway We’ll post more information once we know when the interview is going to be published.

Now… from the title of the blog you’ll see we’re off to Wembley to watch 3 of our favourite bands on Wednesday night.

Ricky Summers on stage at The BrookSo basically, don’t expect any sense out of us for a few days after the show.

There will be some sore heads and heavy memory loss. Just how we like it and if we see you there.. mines a Jack and Coke as always… LOL …



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