Hi Guys,

Xmas RickyWe can’t believe another week has passed. As some of you know we trekked up to London town on Wednesday to watch 3 of our favourite bands. We were on a high for the entire show.  It is a rarity to see 3 rock giants in one show, and we’re pleased to say we were there and bought the t-shirt (then Ricky lost it).

Steel Panther opened the show and were a great support act as they really got the crowd going (and many people considered them the best band of the night). Motley Crüe had an awesome stage show, which included the drums on a roller coaster, and Def Leppard just churned out hit after hit and had everyone on there feet singing along.

The best thing about seeing great bands is that it inspires us to get in the studio and write. So we decided to spend Sunday doing just that. It was a very productive day (surprising we know) and we are racking up a nice little catalogue of songs for the second album.

Now, we have never done this before BUT, as you guys have been SO good to us throughout 2011 with all your continued support, we wanted to do something to say thank you. So we have decided to upload a pre-production version of a song called ‘Heaven’ which is available to all our registered members to download for FREE.

It was done and dusted within a few hours this weekend but as it’s a Live acoustic version with warts and all, it will only be featured until Monday 26th December (Boxing day). Then, as they say on those amazing adverts “we will destroy the plates, so you will own a limited edition coin” (or something like that). Well we won’t do any destroying, well not intentionally anyway… but we won’t upload the song again. In fact, we could have found a better statement to use but Popey really liked it and wouldn’t let us take it out. Drummers hey… J

Before we wrap up, as mentioned before, you can now check out our interview with La Estadea and see what Crash & Jase have to say.

And finally, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Try not to eat and drink too much…cough…yer right…who are we kiddin’… Popey’s got a bottle of Jack Daniels sauce to put on his turkey so he can combine drinking and eating at the same time. Game plan or what! Fingers crossed our next blog will tell you that Ricky got some Christmas presents too. However at the moment, rumours are floating around the North Pole that he has been a bad lad this year…tut tut. If only everyone could be as well behaved and angelic as Crash & Jase…Lol.

Have a good one dudes and dudets!



2 thoughts on “Xmas giveaway

  1. Louise

    Summers have just gained a new fan!! I absolutely LOVE Heaven….I can’t wait for your album to be released…I want to hear more! Love you guys xx

  2. harlotte

    Well hey guys i went to motley crue , def lep and steel panther show but in sheffield it was great 😀 gotta say ricky looks so cute in his tiger suit hopefully you will be coming to leeds on your tour if not i will see you in your home town much love harlotte 😉 xxxx

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