Hi Everyone,

First of all, thanks to everyone who joined us at The Swan on Saturday night. We played to a home crowd and saw a lot of new faces which is always nice for us. The highlight of the night was when we threw in one of our favorite songs, Animal by Def Leppard. Popey decided to extended it (then extended again) and just when we thought he was going to stop, he gave us another chorus.

This week brings us the launch of the K*Chele competition to win a SUMMERS album. Now, a lot of you know our album is hard to come by due to not being released so make sure you check out this great opportunity.

Crash is back in the studio working on some new tracks with our producer Clyde Ward (which we’ll preview on the website once they are finished), while the rest of us hit the rehearsal room to work on some new arrangements.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to WJ and Mike Ward for manning the sound desk on Saturday night. A lot of people commented on our sound and it was mainly down to these guys. Ricky said he would personally like to pay for your beers next time we’re in town (he’s so generous).

Keep an eye on our tour page over the next week or so as we’ll be confirming some new dates.

Have a good week people!!


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