Hi Guys,

We’ve been talking to lots of you, and you keep asking us what the highlights of 2011 were for us. We have so many good ones but here are a few that came to mind below:

All the press coverage, including these couple of quotes we really liked:

“The supremely catchy 364, is a perfect mix of Def Leppard harmonies and Bon Jovi arena-rock pretensions, making it a very tasty proposition indeed. With a cool image and all the right contacts, they are certainly one of the brightest Summers we`ve had in the UK for a long time” Classic Rock AOR magazine

“364 is certainly better than the last Def Leppard album and that`s no mean feat. This will prove a hit with almost anyone” Powerplay Magazine

All our new friends across the pond including the fabulous K*Chele Magazine

Playing two stages at Guilfest (especially The Big Cheese Tent) and Supporting Tyketto

The support received from radio stations around the world, and the fact we gained so many rotation slots on so many different shows. Told You So was the 3rd most requested song for indie bands last year, and we had more songs in the top 20 from Canadian radio station RadioRockcafe.com

Meeting, having a beer with, and thanking the guys at ARFM for all their support & help.

Our video Sometimes reaching number 42 in the most watched music videos of the week when uploaded to YouTube. It managed to beat the likes of Bon Jovi and Def Leppard (to name a few) and Too Late was on course to do better until our little problem with Youtube.

However, the best part of 2011 for all of us was seeing our Fanbase grow around the World. There are not many countries where we don’t have a fan and we’re very proud of it.

We’re on course for world domination!!!


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