This weekend, we were kindly invited to the opening of a new and exclusive club in London. It was a dress to impress occasion but strictly no ripped jeans (which automatically excluded half of our wardrobes). However as always, we made a conscious effort to look our best.

Ricky was nominated as designated driver and was happy to do so (while we remained sober). We started with a few pre-drinks before we hit the club and Crash was insistent on buying a round of jager-bombs & cocktails to get us in the spirit a little quicker. However we were tactful and thought it would be better if we actually got into the club before getting smashed.

To be fair when we arrived we got given complimentary drinks in the form of house gin and something… and as it was alcohol we quickly finished that and demanded some more. Now, here’s a fact for you.. Crash drinks whiskey 24/7 and he’s fine. Give him Gin and he quickly gets trashed and starts acting his usual self… a nightmare!! Jase isn’t the biggest fan of Gin so decided to sit at a table marked ‘Reserved’ and drank whatever was there. He was then asked to move… but stayed for one more drink and then left to find something non-gin related.

An hour or so passed and it became pretty apparent Summers didn’t quite fit in. In fact, we stood out like sore thumbs. And as our eyes became more glazed over, it meant Ricky was terrorised from every angle. But lucky for him we did make some cool friends and engaged in conversation which gave him a little break. A few more hours passed and Crash decided we should get back on the motorway and head to another part of London. Ricky was thrilled about driving us another 30 mins from home (but unfortunately had no choice).

The drinks flowed even more and we lasted until 5.30am Popey demanded food after we left the club but found most places were shut at that time of the morning. He insisted somewhere opened up for him but I don’t think anyone heard him. Luckily, he fell asleep as soon as he sat in the car so he forgot about his hunger.

It was a wicked night, and nice to get out and cause some trouble together (without lugging around loads of equipment). We managed to get a picture before we got too trashed. Enjoy




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