Crash Summers with JackHey Guys,

The boys thought I (Crash) should do the blog this week as I had an interesting weekend. Firstly, I hope everyone is well and keeping out of trouble?

Well, we had a Saturday night off so I decided to go out with a few mates to a club in Watford. Now for those of you who don’t live in the UK, Watford is about an hour and half drive from Southampton. It decided to snow and as everyone knows, the UK comes to a standstill in snow. We were sat on the M25 for hours… which was fine until we ran out of booze, which caused me to panic!!!

The snow was so bad the car got stuck, so we had to get out and push it up a hill avoiding cars and lorries, and trying not to crash (no pun intended). I found out something that night… Cowboy boots have NO grip in the snow. We started out at 9pm and got there 4 hours later at 1am.

OK, we finally made it to the club and luckily there were still people in there. The manager took us straight to the VIP area, got us a bottle of Jack, and gave us way too many drink vouchers (it pays to know the right people) … Now I hope that would explain why at 10am, I was found asleep on the dance floor in the disco room on top of a lot of coats from lost property. I think I had a good night, but it was the morning which I did not like.

However, on reflection of the night, I have decided I am not giving up drinking, but instead, I am going to give up getting up the next day. NOTE to anyone who ever parties with me – Please don’t leave me unattended!

We also had some good news this week. After several meetings in London, Summers are now being represented by one of the leading law firms in the UK specialising in the entertainment industry  Its really great to have such a well respected company on board.



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