udderly badHello Peeps,

Big thanks to everyone who came to support us on the weekend – at The Swan on Saturday night, and then at Drakefest in Portsmouth on Sunday.

Luckily the weather held out for both days and we had a great turnout for both shows, although everything which could go wrong ,went wrong on Sunday for Jase… but nothing so horrendous that an ice cold beer couldn’t cure. But it was all well worth it as the event raised just under £17,000 for charity.

On another note, we would like to wish our drummer Andy Pope a speedy recovery as he suffered a broken cheek bone this week. He is doing fine but will need an op to set his jaw back into place and give him back his devilishly good looks.

We won’t go into detail about how it happened, but he obviously didn’t moooo-ve fast enough to avoid the injury. We’re certain he’ll ‘milk’ the time off as much as he can but we’re hoping he can turn the udder cheek and moooo’ve on from this unfortunate incident.

Love ya Popes… we bought you some chocolates but figured you couldn’t eat them so didn’t bring them round in the end. However, we can assure you they went to a good home. If anyone needs us, we’ll be in the gym.

Check out a video of Popey and Ricky talking about the track Superhero at http://youtu.be/rYZ40ZJW_Fg

Have an awesome weekend everyone.



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