Hi Guys, we hope everyone is very well and having a good week.. this weeks blog was written by David Scott who writes for Fireworks Magazine and he was good enough to review us for our website.  It was really cool for us to get feedback from someone who does this regularly. David has reviewed sooo many great acts in the past so we are honoured he took the time to write about Summers. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did. Crash XxXxX

Summers – Supporting Hi On Maiden – The Brook Southampton – 10 August 2012

crash summersThis fine summers evening presented another opportunity to catch one of Southampton’s top up and coming bands.  Headlining tonight at The Brook was the highly rated tribute act Hi On Maiden but local boys Summers had managed to secure the opening slot.

There was an eager buzz about the queuing crowd despite the fact The Brook was still closed as the start time came and went. Eventually this established venue threw open its doors and the crowd filed inside without any complaints, most heading straight for the bar to get the usual gig festivities underway.

After a short while the house lights dropped and it was time for the show to begin.  The spot lights started to swirl around the stage as guitars and drums thundered out of the PA.  Shadowy figures took the place on stage as the tunnels of light spun round the walls.  As the recorded intro drew to a close with computerized speech, the main stage lights fired up along with the live guitars and Summers burst forth with the aptly titled ‘Rock You’.  Lead singer Crash Summers, with mic stand in hand, strutted from side to side to where each guitarist was standing.  This was a lively track to start and set the tone for the set.

Up next was the highly catchy ‘Girls’ with its very entertaining lyrics which managed to get the crowd singing along in the chorus especially those at the front.  This one seemed to really strike a chord with those present.  A short burst of harmonic singing preceded the funky riff of ‘Steal Away’.  The melody from the six string soared to the roof and back in between the less boisterous verses whilst the chorus had a few fists in the air.

More recorded speech over the PA announced the arrival of ‘Rock Machine’ which is the bands homage to Thin Lizzy.  The twin guitar progression is Lizzy through and through and was played with passion from the two axe men (Jase & Joedy) as Crash Summers continued to bounce around the stage with equal energy.  This was the start of the centre part of the set that included all the bands best tracks as far as this reviewers opinion goes.

jason sepalaThe best song off the bands upcoming debut ‘364’ was next and ‘Superhero’ really went down a storm.  The songs infectious chorus had most of the floor grooving away as did the soaring solo mid song.  The band was bathed in colour from the various lights, being lit up in bright blues, greens and reds that all changed in time with the beat making this a good visual as well as audio show.

Sometimes’ gave the six stringers chance to show off another sailing melody and more harmonies before powering into the bands other highlight song ‘Shot In The Dark’.  A moment of chugging on the guitar gave way to another catchy composition and chorus.  Those at the front seemed to enjoy this one almost as much as ‘Superhero’ and it’s easy to hear why with this being the other notable track in the bands repertoire.  Not many bands use the na na na’s anymore and it gives the crowd a great chance to join in the show.

After the bounciness of ‘Shot’ it was time for the sleazy grinding riff of ‘Let’s Go Round’ and another crowd participation chorus as Crash Summers stood mid stage encouraging the floor to shout it out.  With them suitably warmed up the band threw in a cover song ‘Tie Your Mother Down’ from Queen giving the fans that were there purely to see Hi On Maiden a chance to add their voices to those of the local’s bands supporters.

The band closed out their set with the lively ‘Terminator’ and ‘I Came To Rock’ both of which featured more singing from the front crowd egged on by Crash Summers.  As the last notes faded out the band thanked the crowd and left the stage making way for the evening’s main act.

Tonight was a fine show from these classic sounding southern rockers.  As warm up acts go, Summers are a fantastic choice and each time they do so, (they also opened for Tyketto in the same venue), it is giving the band plenty of opportunities to showcase themselves to new fans.  They have a lively persona, a good look and some very catchy songs especially ‘Superhero’ and ‘Shot In The Dark’.  Musically they play a very accessible style of stadium rock incorporating the best of the likes of Bon Jovi and Def Leppard.  Visually these youthful looking guys have taken the look of 80’s rock look and added a modern slant.  They haven’t gone the whole way into spandex and big hair ala Reckless Love.

Performance wise the guys are always full of boundless energy on stage and their shows never fail to be dynamic and spirited.  It is easy to see from tonight, and other performances, that these guys have excellent potential to become a headline act themselves if they continue to persevere.  As their experience grows and their selection of songs increases, Summers have a good chance of becoming a known act.  But for the time being tonight’s shows was a good illustration of what these guys do well.

The show was energetic and bustling, with a fine display from Crash Summers up front with his good persona and singing voice.  This applies equally to the two guitarists who drove the music forward on the six strings.  The rhythm section ably backed them up providing a typically solid foundation driving the music forward.  The catchy songs transfer well to the live stage and it would be exciting to see how they would sound with a venue full of fans.  Overall tonight was a fun and entertaining opening show that appears to this reviewer to have gone down well with all those present.

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