364 Album Cover

Hi Guys and Girls,

First off, I would like thank everyone for the response we have had to releasing “364“. It’s been great and we can’t wait for you all to get your hands on a copy. Please keep spreading the word and telling the world we have an album coming out!!!

364 Album CoverNow I’d like to tell you about the artwork, the style is called hydroliptic and was done by an American Artist named Delae C. Noctra which means “art concealed” backwards – now you can get a feel for his art just from knowing that!

What he has done is taken things that we all relate to on a personal level and hidden them in the artwork, So you can spend some time staring at it and seeing what you can find, and by moving the artwork 360 degrees you get the full effect. The artwork continues through the booklet as well.

This is what Delae C. Noctra said about our artwork…….

“The images I added tell a story about aliens coming to earth hearing the band’s music and it puts them in a rock n roll trance.  They end up taking all the hot chics hostage to take shots later on in the ship. Meanwhile the guys from the band are stealing their spaceship and leaving earth. (Don’t take shots in the dark). Lesson learned for the aliens. Got to love rock n roll”

We all love it and hope you do to. Remember if you don’t have tickets for our album launch on the Thursday 28th March 2013 you can get them from us now.



FYI… Popey spent 45 mins and could not see anything. See if you can find 364???

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