4-26 Concert Poster

4-26 Concert PosterHi Guys and Girls,
Well the time has finally come. SUMMERS are in the USA. We are very proud to announce we are doing an East Coast Tour, headlining a few gigs and playing with some awesome bands like Molly Hatchet, Tuff & DDrive. Check out our tour page for dates.

There is a great buzz in Camp Summers (Popes named it that). We got off the plane and our blacked out tour bus was waiting for us. Then driving on the way to the location of our first gig (meet and greet & acoustic set) the radio blast`s on with an amazing radio advert – Summers Coming

Now to the first of many funny stories… We get a call from the hotel saying they have been getting lots of calls from fans asking if we are staying at the hotel and people hanging around outside. So, they said they thought for security reasons we should move hotels.

Now they said they could help us out with a hidden location, so us being us, thought awesome – we’ll take it. That was our first mistake… ALWAYS ask where it is first, and find out more information. Don’t just say YES.

summers-hotelNow as we pull in we think this looks cool, and then we saw the sign. This hotel chain owns retirement homes (please try not to laugh too much). So we are being hidden away in a retirement village! Our first USA tour and our first hotel is a retirement village. AWESOME.

Now this is scariest place any of us have ever stayed. There were people walking around in white jackets and corridors from the worst horror films. So we run to the room, lock the door, laugh and cry.

summers-stuffed-birdWe walk into the main room and there is a bird cage with a stuffed bird in it, well we slept with one eye open; we now all believe in ghosts too LOL! But the next morning we decided to man up and met a few of the people.. they were so nice it made the whole situation even more funny.

Let’s just say there is going to be lots of funny things happening in the next few weeks, so we will keep you all updated.

summers-tour-gearAlso, we would like to thank everyone who has bought the album 364 We are still getting such great feedback so thank you.

Big thanks also to Forte Music Company for supplying the gear on the “Summers Coming [to] America” tour.


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