Summers play Molly Hatchet

Molly HatchetThe last 10 days have been incredible for us. We’ve completed our first US tour and met some amazing people along the way. There is too much to talk about so we’ll just give you the highlights for now, otherwise you’ll be reading all day.

The first live show saw us supporting Molly Hatchet at Bucked Up in North Carolina which was a great start. However, we needed to be in New York by the morning so only had time for one beer with the guys. They assured us it wouldn’t be the last time we saw them though which was cool.

Upon settling into our place in New York we headlined ‘The Break Contest’ sponsored by Game Changer on our first night in the city. Unfortunately one of us had managed to injure themselves prior to the appearance so it was a struggle to say the least. We’ll elaborate on this, don’t you worry.

The next day we headed to Brooklyn where we shared the bill with DDrive. These guys were absolute gentleman and we were humbled to spend some time with them whilst visiting the states. Guitarist Don Mancuso (guitarist of Foreigners Lou Gramm) and front man Phil Naro said they were hoping to visit the UK soon, and if they did, there would most definitely be a Summers and DDrive show without a doubt.

Between live shows, we also attended numerous interviews. The ones that really stood out to us were the Franky Dee show where we performed a live acoustic set, and hung out with Mark Mendoza of Twisted Sister and blues guitarist Evan Stanley (you all know his dad but this guy is just as awesome). Mark was incredibly inspiring and spoke to us about how bands like Summers need to persist in the industry.

We were also interviewed by Fingers at WBAB, Rowdy Ron, Matt O’Shaughnessy and Tony Gizzo on Metal Mayhem show WVOX (VIP live guest of the week) where we did an unplugged performance. We can’t thank them all enough, they were all such nice guys and really routing for the band, so thanks again for your support.

There were also a few interviews published in magazines which we’ll post on our Facebook Band Page and other social media.

Like we said, there is so much to mention so we’ll be giving you bite size instalments of the ‘Summers coming to America’ tour over the next few weeks.

For now, we’re going to catch up on some sleep as we’re all jet lagged.



P.S. We would like to thank KIM for all her hard work on our USA tour. You have been a STAR!!! Manuel cheers too, the best driver!!!


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