pic 1So with a packed bag and some great friends I headed up to Nottingham last Friday for what would be my first Firefest knowing I would be hearing and seeing great bands and meeting new people.

 Upon arriving I found my room mate Mr Dave Winkler who with Johnny lima and the gang took to the stage the night before at the old angel inn, We headed to the awesome Rock City and were greeted with the sight and sound of a thousand rockers plus all with huge smiles and even bigger hearts.

Friday night was the best way to start with bands like The Magnificent And Work Of Art living up to there names also Edens Curse ripped through a great set and the wonderful gents with Mr Jeff Scott Soto and the W.E.T boys showing Rock city how to raise the roof The night was ended by an all time fave of mine and jase’s ….. yes Harem Scarem and holy cow what a set!!!!! Dare played before them to set the scene and with Darren bringing the thunder behind the kit Pete, Harry and the HS guys blew us all clean away.

The doors opened to the Black Cherry Lounge and everyone was then treated to the magnificent Steve Newman and Shaun Bessant doing what they do best, Capping off the best Friday night.

Sat saw Much of the same with the bar being drank dry to ease peoples Friday heads, Hats off especially to Von Groove for kicking it into gear after the amazing set from Nation.

With Treat, H.E.A.T , Shooting Star And Hardline really bringing Sat night together.

 There were a few more shots to be had at “The Sal” later on with everybody before heading to the plaza or to bed ready for Sundays store of heaven.

Sunday arrived and as some great friends left sat night more re surfaced in time to watch Eclipse and Brighton Rock, the day got better and a slight hiccup (not the only ones that day) From the guys in Baton Rouge before JSRG……..HOT DAMN!!!!!! They were smoking the stage with some very clever covers thrown in the crowd kept screaming for more.

 Legends closed down and showed where the name grew from with an unforgettable set as everyone from H.E.A.T to Newman, Soto and more sang from the top balcony with huge smiles and raised glasses.

 pic 2[Everyone departed from the venue and headed to the tap and tumblr for a set from Mark Thompson Smith, David Mark Pearce and more. We all then hit the wonderful Plaza main bar to catch up and highlights It is only then you see the smiles fade as people realize that for another year Firefest is no more and times like this are one in a million, yet with Keiran and every ones (I do mean every ones, fans bands and the hardest working crews) it happens year after year and is just as memorable.  I thank everyone for showing me what a huge family you all are and to Sue and Phil for making my weekend happen , Helen and Babs for all your love (and tequila) Sam Totman (yes from Dragon Force) For being Hilarious good fun for two days with us and again far to many to mention. I am sorry If I missed your name but If I saw your face then I personally thank and love you for making the weekend so perfect……..Till next year Firefesters…happy hangovers and will see you at HRH XoXoX

Now to where we NEED your help!!!

So I have confirmation that amongst the many great acts that have entered for #firefest 2014 Summers have been chosen. This is great news and we are very thankful because there is so much talent out there and it makes us feel great to know …that all these bands play such great music in these “pop” filled times.
10 bands will be showcased this Saturday and Sunday on the Steve Price show on ARFM – http://www.arfm.co.uk/
Please tune in and listen
The PUBLIC VOTE will begin THIS Saturday at 6PM
We need you all to show your support by #voting for #summers this is a great chance to play on one of the best festivals ever created for awesome music.
SHARE                   VOTE              SHARE          VOTE
We will post a link as soon as we can for voting. http://www.firefestofficial.com/
We Came Here To Rock…And thats what we will do.

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