crash 1

crash 1This stands for I came here to rock! which after the week we all just had is true of everyone we met. The start of the tour was lovely, in the way you get to walk into a venue and see some familiar faces and also a few new ones. We were stopped at every red light and under pressure when we arrived late with all the back line. The crew on the night were awesome and we had the introductions to the new faces of Tyketto (The Official) as well as the awesome guys from Bonfire Official. After watching both sound checks we stood in awe and knew this was going to be a great week. We were not sure how things were going to pan out as rehearsals the day before were so bad the whole band could have been drummers. lol, but gave ourselves a pep talk and went out to do what we know we can do. Londons crowd were brilliant giving us a warm welcome for our first gig and the new tracks went very well into our set, having people sing your song back that quickly is always great.

Home turf meant home fans and Bonfire had them all in the hand ready for Danny to kick it up a gear before Chris and Michael out of no where broke into a Q&A between drums and Lead guitar…. this acme a nightly addition which by the time we hit wolverhampton andjoedy sheffield it was insane. Every night the fans gave back what was put out, Erupting for the impossible and downright impressive drum solo from Drummer Harry Reischmann to chanting along with sword and stone. Every voice tried to keep up with the call and response from Danny Vaughn and crowd after crowd were elated with the true passion and enthusiasm the Tyketto boys played with every night. The crowd at the Brook gave just as good, not to mention the amazing lightshow provided by Gareth we loved the home crowd and it was good to play the Brook again, coming full circle for Joedy as his first gig with Summers was two years ago with Tyketto at the brook what a crazy two years it has been.

We made our way through middle earth to finally end up in North Wales where we scrubbed up dressed down and hit the bar to see some bands and greet some fans, lots of happy smiley faces and a few beers before we headed back to summers base. Crash and Jase stopped off for food on the way back to base EVERYTIME, whilst Ricky walked around naked and popes followed him saying his new quote for the tour ” You don’t have to be big to fill a pram”. lol. It never stopped raining in Wales even when it was sunny, but the faces and people or the magnificent HRH AOR brightened any dark days as did the faces of Steve Newman and the the guys as they unloaded and hit the stage before us, we always love seeing these guys play but to see it from on stage was amazing. ” The crowd at HRH were again brilliant, and as the day moved on they stood firm and grew in numbers for the finishing acts.

(picture by Adrian Hextall)

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