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Ricky put some clothes on, Popes had a coffee, Crash and Jase got bacon rolls and Joedy turned up just in time to make our way to Wolverhampton. The Sat Nav took us miles away from where we needed to go and popes had great fun screaming at it. We had a great reception from the Wolves and what a stage, Crash found himself his own dressing room with a mirror just about big enough to do his hair and all took pleasure in trashing the sign on his dressing room, which he made himself, bless him. lol.

Show time and Joedy buggered off into the crowd and after we had many meet and greets at the merch desk with people thanking us for a triple threat bill of great acts and for continuing to play great music.

When we hit sheffield and finally the magic mic stand gave in and crumbled shortly after Girls (as requested, so we threw it in the set) we made a point of saying lets just let loose on this one, joedy headed off stage again crash reached for the lights, Jason and ricky owned the stage with the pope giving everything. we knew it wouldn’t be long before it was over for us and we made sure the fans had plenty to watch. They gave a us a huge cheer and to a packed house we said thank you and get ready for the rest of a killer show. (left pic taken by Gemma lovatt)

For Summers it was the best week, not only to witness the show night after night but to see the faces day in day out from the managers to the crews and everyone in-between all part of one big machine that culminated in great music, great crowds and awesome times. We were very proud to open up for two bands of such high calibre and low egos because normally bands that fucking good can be difficult, There was nothing but fun to be had by all even when you were under attack by the northern rain that seemed to be made of rock haha….you could literally sweep it up. All in all the week could not be described with words or boiled down to something tangible, it was to great for such things. 25 years strong and never a beat or note to challenge tyketto prove every night that music is alive and well, bonfire are true veterans of showing crowds how to be loud, proud and tighter than the snakeskin pants of the most hardcore glam lovers. Summers thanks all of you for coming out to see us open the stage each night and for the support you have shown us, for keeping real music alive and well. Much love. picture blog coming very soon


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