Bo jangles

Howdy peeps,

sunriseI thought I would share some of my recent trip to the USA with Y`ALL. It was “work” with a few days of relaxation, honest!!! So a few days in New Hanover County and Kure beech was needed to adjust to the jet lag, although waking up every morning for the most awesome sun rise was well worth it.

Bo jangles

I spent most of my days, Swimming (in the pool, Sharks were in the sea)/ Eating (Omg. I got introduced to BoJangles Chicken, Where have you been all my life!!! Kf…who??? lol) and walking round Walmart…(I just love that place, I spent hours just saying wow that’s twice the size as the uk or that’s half the price of the uk)

Then it was back to base for a few meeting and a radio interview with Rowdy Ron. I can say to all our USA fans we are working on coming back soon. We have a few things in the pipeline and hopeful we will be back.


Ps, How good is that steak deal???




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