This week we catch up with Olly in a little Q&A


ollyforwedQ: Hi Guys welcome to Summers, How are you finding being part of the crew?
It’s great so far. The guys are cool and it’s easy to get along with them.

Q: What/who are your influences/favourite bands?
My main influence is probably the master of session guitar, Steve Lukather. Alongside him it has to be Andy Timmons. As for bands, I love Toto. It Bites too, both with Francis Dunnery, and the more recent albums without him. Francis’s solo albums, Dream Theater, Extreme, Halestorm, Seventh Wonder, Nickelback and Van Halen.

Q: Who would you most like to perform on stage with / spend an evening having a beer with?
Hands down, for me it has to be Steve Lukather.

Q: If you could bring a musician back from they dead, who would it be and why?
Either Michael Jackson or Mike Pocaro. As a musician, I loved Michael. He had his own style and his voice is unique. I would kill for a chance to play on an album or a song with him. Mike is the best bassist in the music industry. I would like to have heard one last album with him on it.

Q: Who takes longer to get ready for a gig, Tim or Olly?
Probably me. I like to take my time with some things haha.

Q: How do you find it working with Clyde “Hound” Ward ?
It’s something I’ve never done before so his way of doing things is still a shock to the system. But it’s cool.

Q: What do you feel you bring to the band?
The feeling of ageing faster. Being the youngest in the band it’s my job to make them feel old. And a fresh mind with (some) fresh ideas.

Q: Can you give us any ideas on what the new album sounds like?
It sounds good. It has a more modern feel than 364.

Q: Are there any inside secrets that you can share about the band, now you’re in the loop?
Well besides Crash not being able to count to 4, nothing really.

Q: What is your favourite Summers track?
So far it’s one off of the new album, which you’ll be able to find out later. But off of 364 it has to be Rock Machine.

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