This week we catch up with new guitarist Tim Hills.

Tim 4 Q: Hi Tim welcome to Summers, How are you finding being part of the crew?
Thanks! Its Awesome, the guys are great. I’m excited to be part of Summers and cant wait to start entertaining everyone’s ears with the awesome new stuff in the pipeline!

Q: What/who are their influences/favourite bands?
This is one of those questions that takes way longer to answer than it does to drink a beer… My influences change on weekly basis, but as a player… Nuno Bettencourt, Guthrie Govan, Russ Parish, Paul Gilbert and Steve Lukather are some of my all time favourites! As for bands… Extreme, TOTO, RHCP, Janes Addiction, Fleetwood Mac, Def Leppard, Foo Fighters, Steel Panther, Richie Kotzen, Foreigner, Journey… there’s too much choice!!! But over all of that… MRBig! Possibly four of the most talented musicians on the planet!


Q: Who would they most like to perform on stage with / spend an evening having a beer with?
Dave Grohl…simples. Everyone knows he’s the nicest guy in Rock. I’d buy him a beer and just let him talk all of his wisdom at me… Sharing the stage with the Foo’s would be incredible! (I’m way too chicken to choose Paul Gilbert, I think my hands would fall off in fear before I had the chance to tune up!)

Q: If they could bring a musician back from they dead, who would it be and why?
These questions are getting harder!? Jimi Hendrix.. He was the reason I picked up a guitar…

Q: Who takes longer to get ready for a gig Tim or Olly?
Olly….. He’s a Faffer.

Q: How do you find it working with Clyde “Hound”Ward ?
Clyde is a great guy who really knows his stuff… He’s brutally honest and brings out the best in everyone in the band! He never minces his words and has the patience of a kid at Christmas… Just play it right the first time and you’re all good! 😉

Q: What do you feel you bring to the band?
With any luck i’ll bring a guitar! Alongside that, hopefully a fresh perspective, some new ideas and a new dynamic for Summers.

Q: Can you give us any ideas on what the new album sounds like?
Like a menagerie of awesome ideas waiting to be released in to the wild! Its Big, Fresh and Exciting!

Q: Are there any inside secrets that you can share about the band, now your in the loop?
I’m not stupid… I’ve only just wangled my way in? Did Olly put you up to this?!? Nice Try…..

Q: What is your favourite Summers track?
Probably ‘Lets Go Round’…. but check out the new album and then ask me again…


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