weddingSo the last couple of months have flown by… Ricky finally took the plunge and tied the knot. It was a small affair with family close friends but a rocking time was had by all. (she deserves a medal)

Both Ricky & I had birthdays, we went out…were say we had a few drinks, got in when the sun was coming up and moon went down. Then had the quietist family meal the next day ever!!!

Popes has been hitting the skins, we all had a jam night and he was in top form playing some new summers songs (yes you will hear them soon) and we jammed a few covers for the hell of it. Were all looking forward to getting out and playing live.

Olly has been building a guitar and its looking awesome. We cant wait to hear how it plays.

Tim found some magic beans and we’ve not seen him since. So if you see him or find him with a golden harp please call 07beanstalk.

Right I know we always say it but we have been working hard in the studio, we have a few songs on the go right now. Hopefully we will have a new song “Victorious” to you very soon…

Thanks for reading, Until next time.




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