Well howdy guys,

Hope everyone had a good xmas and new year!!! It started very well for Ricky as on the 3rd January he and his wife Amber had their second child a boy called Harley. He was 2 weeks early and only weighed 6.5lb but he’s fit and healthy, So congratulations to them and welcome to the newest member of the Summers family.

Now over to the music!!!

Over xmas we got together and made a new game plan and have now kicked off with it. We were struggling with the new songs, we have recorded them a few times but nothing has made us excited and if we aren’t jumping around about the songs then how can we expect you to??? we don’t want to produce albums for the sake of it, churning out albums year after year, we want every album to mean something and really have our hard sweat and tears. So FINALLY we think we have the right sound/feel about what we have been trying to capture. We sent a very early demo to Kim Kchele(USA Management) and it was great to hear her so excited about the new sound “best song we have done yet” and it was just the demo, so bring on the album. Its been a long road but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for all your faith and belief in us, we will re pay you all. :)

Crash & the Gang


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