Hi Guys,

Things are busy behind the scenes in the Summers camp. The album is nearly there… We promise!

This year has lots of excitement in the pipeline… Kicking off by opening the main stage of a totally sold out HARD ROCK HELL next weekend!

We have been busy in the rehearsal room getting our chops together, ready to make some noise and show you guys what Summers have been up to, you’ll catch us debuting some of our new material. I say busy…. Possibly with the exception of Crash, who is still ‘busy’ working out what to wear! Spandex was the last word I heard as I left rehearsals this week……. ‘No comment’

You guys at HRH will notice a difference in the band… No, Ricky hasn’t been working out! Olly and I are now making noise on guitars and we have the mighty Tobi Stathers stepping in (or sitting in) behind the drums next weekend!

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for fresh photos, videos and music! We can’t wait to share it with you guys!

In the meantime…. What’s your favourite sandwich?

Cheerio, Tim.

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