We are very sorry our second album has taken a while to come to fruition but we’ve had members leave, Marriages, Babies, make ups, break ups, but we are pleased to say we are busy whittling away in the studio, banging, crashing even the odd wallop. We are all on the same page and have the same ideas so we are finally getting somewhere.21147816_1749300248708427_5417313950628839424_n

We wanted a new sound, we loved 364 and are so proud of it but we want to take this album in a new direction, we’ve been getting inspiration from all sorts of genres which is helping to shape the new sound…Don’t worry though we are still a Rock Band, that will never change…

Now if you want to hear a few of these new Songs, we are pleased to announce we will be supporting Kane`d March 10th at the Camden underworld. We are going to be taking more bookings getting back out working on our live show which we cannot wait for.


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