Hook ups.

It’s all about Hook ups, right?

For the Rock band SUMMERS, there are two types of hook ups.

In the modern world of business and music, contacts are a basic truth. So when talented brothers are approached by someone like Producer Clyde Ward you know it’s a hook up to keep an eye on.

But before we talk about the debut album (364) recorded by the U.K. rock group and produced by someone who has worked with such artists as Eric Clapton, Sting, Lenny Kravitz and George Michael, we should tell you a bit about the roots of this band.

Ricky: “I can remember when we sat down together, Crash and I decided to put SUMMERS together. We wanted to be ROCKSTARS like every kid, Killer songs and huge crowds singing our songs back to us.

A lot has happened since this dream. All the way from their first gig at their local church hall in front of just a few friends, to playing festivals such as Hard Rock Hell & Guilfest, to tours both sides of the pond.“The supremely catchy 364, is a perfect mix of Def Leppard harmonies and Bon Jovi arena-rock pretensions, making it a very tasty proposition indeed. With a cool image and all the right contacts, they are certainly one of the brightest summers we`ve had in the U.K for a long time” Classic Rock AOR issue 5

SUMMERS devote their time to perfecting their vocal harmonies, evoking memories of classic rock bands like ‘Eagles’ and ‘Bon Jovi’. Not only that, but their skin-tight, twin-guitar riffs will take you back to ‘Thin Lizzy’ days. “We make music, we want to go and buy!” “The song always comes first!” – Tim Hills

The second important hook up is the link between the band and the audience. SUMMERS are reaching across that gap in several ways. “We are not afraid to do what we do. No boundaries, no rules -says lead singer Crash

SUMMERS’ debut album 364 received high praise from both fans and critics worldwide. Tobi Stathers SUMMERS’ Drummer – “There’s a little something for everybody in there. I’ve had 8 to 80 years old tell me how much they love it.”

So what’s next for SUMMERS? “The new album has finished pre production and we have started recording it then will be looking to tour it very soon after”. – Olly Browning

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Meet the guys!

Crash Summers
Lead Singer
Ricky Summers
Bass Guitar and Vocals
Tobi Stathers
Drums and Backing Vocals
Olly Browning
Guitar and Backing Vocals
Tim Hills
Guitar and Backing Vocals