Tell me why, I DO like Mondays!!!

Summers have been having a great week!!  First off the block –  we get approached about doing festivals down under (still a lot to be negotiated but the word is spreading).  Then we have 2 gigs in London – one on the 25th November Belushis bar Camden & 26th Belushis bar in Fulham. And as they say “good things come in 3’s”, we get a phone call from a Bar asking us to do a gig as a band pulled out, so we accept and do it, then after the show we get approached by a London based A&R man. Personally, I think that it had more to do with all the gorgeous “Summers girls” down the front singing their heads off, but as always A MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who came along and continues to come along to all our shows. You guys truly make it for us!!!

Remember this Thursday you can listen to us talk live on Forest FM and We will be playing our favourite Summers songs as well as songs that have influenced us from our favourite artists!!!



ps, Thanks to Courtney from Australia who sent in this pic!!! ( I can see a lil competition coming on…lol…More details will follow)