A little catch up with Ricky

Hey folks Ricky here,

So we are extremely busy in the studio with the new album at the moment.I have to say after all the hard months of recording, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I cant wait for you all to hear it, We all love it.

We are all excited about getting back out and gigging with the new material and a new great show. We cant wait  to play HRH AOR again and hope to see many of you there. Also we would love to hear from you guys about what your favorite songs were from 364, so we can make sure we can incorporate them into our shows.Andy also has a few new jokes. (about time , I know.)

I have been putting the newbie’s through there paces in the studio, Not that they needed it. The parts they have been creating sound awesome. Andy also has learnt a few new things with the sticks. Drumming related? I can’t comment on that.

In the up coming months be a lot more visible as far as our social media and blogs are concerned. We will be having new photos, new videos and we will be giving some sneaky preview of the new album.

Thanks everyone for the continued support !!