“The supremely catchy 364, is a perfect mix of Def Leppard harmonies and Bon Jovi arena-rock pretensions, making it a very tasty proposition indeed. With a cool image and all the right contacts,they are certainly one of the brightest summers we`ve had in the uk for a long time” Classic Rock AOR issue 5

“Summers, an exceptional band who have mastered the art of great radio friendly songs” Steve Price – ARFM

364 is certainly better than the last Def Leppard album and that`s no mean feat, This will prove a hit with almost anyone.” PowerPlay Magazine issue 137

UK rock is looking good with ‘Summers’ debut single release “Too Late”. Hailing from Southampton this classic rock band is tuned-in to the genre and what Rock is all about. My prediction…. ‘World-Wide Rock Stardom’” Tom LambertIreland Syndicated: Radio/Producer/Broadcaster

“I firmly believe SUMMERS have a real future in the music industry and deserve to be exposed into the consciousness of rock fans across the world”. JJ Kane – Media2radio

“The UK rock outfit Summers gives you a sweet taste of first class songwriting and sound of commercial rock. They also bring you back in time with their hint of classic 80′s rockers. It almost feels like Robert John “Mutt” Lange put hands on the production with his signature Def Leppard sound – a big compliment to Summers and their production team. They nailed the rock formula without Mutt ! ” Tomas “Dr.Octavo” Brabec Producer/Remixer

“If you’re a fan of Def Leppard, then England’s Summers is definitely your cup of tea. Even if you’re not (what??), you’ll be hooked by their tight songwriting, harmonies and melody. “Too Late” is Summer’s debut single and shows that this is rock for all seasons! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!! ” Ric Levine President of rocktunz.com

“If Def Leppard went through an 80’s New Wave makeover, we’d have ‘Summers’ all suited up and ready to go! Saccharine stadium rock!” Siva Chandran – COO of Saintz & Sinnerz, Founder of “Bite My Music Global Awards” (World’s Biggest Indie Music Awards)

“Summers are a band you want on in the car when you’re on the way to a gig … catchy singalong stuff that doesn’t quit .. a real breath of fresh air” Paul Nicholls – AURadio

“SUMMERS is a fine soft-rock band that provide dominant vocals, and pulsating rhythms – watch out for them!” Terry J Hawke. Broadcaster/Producer, 102.3 HFM (UK)

“Summers debut disc is simply taking the best bits of Leppard and re packaging it for a new generation……and that’s fine by me.  If they can get a support slot on a large band’s tour, then make sure you’re in shredded denim mode and turn up early to feel the Summers heat.”  www.uberrock.co.uk

“You will believe Classic Rock is alive and well, you will sing the songs all the way home, you will get your daughter pregnancy tested in the morning!! SUMMERS debut album could well have as many hit singles as Def Leppard’s Hysteria”. Gary Bushell – Former music critic of Sounds Magazine and now journalist for THE PEOPLE newspaper.

“An awesome band that delivers powerful, catchy AOR with soaring vocals (as well as backing vocals) and great musicianship! SUMMERS is a band to look out for and be sure to get “364″ as soon as it hits stores everywhere. I strongly recommend it…”  Juliano Mallon, AOR WATCHTOWER

“Let’s Make Love’ one of the vocals that could melt icebergs in the concerts, with a guitar solo that boosts that effect”  – laestadea.com