“Ladies & Gentlemen, out of the UK, we have my pick for the hottest, most talented rock band to hit the music scene in years. They are my pick for DCE’s breakout band of the year and well worth their title.” Danie Cortese Entertainment

“Summers have looks that will attract to any teenage girl into rock & I have no doubt that these guys will hit the mainstream and garner some attention” Denys – myglobalmind.com

“A huge thumbs up.” Mickky D – Motorhead

“Summers Rock.” Steve Conte – Michael Monroe band

“Isn’t it great to hear a band that can actually SING ! ….About ****ing TIME!!”Danny Vaughn (Tyketto) 

“Crash Summers on lead vocals and Jason Sepala on guitar make for an excellent combo in the Jon Bon Jovi and Ritchie Sambora vein (in the good old days) and there are moments of  true bromance between the two during their set highlighting just how tightly knit this band are.” Myglobalminds.com  

“Summers showed the raw energy of a pre-Hysteria Def Leppard with catchy songs like ‘Superhero’ and ‘Lets Go Round’.” Getreadytorock.me.uk (Tour)

” Summers were a revelation for me. Fantastic band and deserve bigger things” Melodicrock.com

“Summers always move around a lot, tonight they make full use of the larger stage and look completely at home on it. Joedy Rose takes a leap off the stage mid-set and had a wander through the crowd while still playing. The Wolverhampton crowd, many of whom are probably unfamiliar with them, completely lap Summers up. Summers have certainly won over a new army of fans on this tour and made some new friends, myself included – though I’ve liked them since I first saw them two years ago, seeing them four times in a week and getting to know them personally has pushed them right up my favourites list.Rocktopia.co.uk

“I had been waiting a long time to finally see Summers play live, and I can say they were most definitely worth the wait; I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Think 80s stadium rock with a new fresh, energetic and catchy modern edge. Superb sound and stage show, catchy melodic tracks with perfect harmonies, had everyone’s attention in an instant. – Getreadytorock.me.uk (Hard Rock Hell 2014)